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Behind the Gun: Holiday Edition! - Max and his family would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Here's a little holiday fun with Max at the range!

Episode 7: Easy & Hard Exits - Want to know the keys to moving in and out of a position when shooting? This week, Max gives us some helpful tips on incorporating movement with shooting and staying on target on this episode of “Behind The Gun”.

Episode 6: Hogue Carry Holster & Sig 22 Conversion Kit - This week, Max gives us two great gift ideas – the Hogue Carry Holster and the Sig Sauer P226 .22 Conversion Kit – while demonstrating both on this episode of “Behind The Gun”.

Episode 5: Magazine Changes - Magazine changes can cause you to win, lose or worse in the event you're in an actual live attack. Max goes in deep with his tips on a great mag change on this episode of "Behind The Gun".

Episode 4: Hollow Point vs. FMJ - Hollow point or full metal jacket? Max explains on this episode of "Behind The Gun" along with destruction of a Thanksgiving meal. Max & Legally Armed America made a donation to a local food shelter to help the hungry.

Episode 3: Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun - Choosing a concealed carry firearm is an extremely important decision and can be an overwhelming one as well. On this episode of "Behind The Gun,” Max explains some things to look for when making that choice.

Episode 2: The Draw - Regardless of the application, the ability to present a handgun from a holster with speed and efficiency is critical for success. On this episode of "Behind the Gun," Max will show you the keys to a world-class draw.