About MMTA

THE MAX MICHEL TRAINING ACADEMY is a firearms instruction school based in New Iberia, Louisiana but is mobile to meet any mission/location. The Academy offers competitive and tactical firearms courses taught by World Champion Max Michel and his hand picked instructors. Whether you are a new shooter, an experienced USPSA shooter, Law Enforcement, or Military, Michel’s Training Academy has courses to meet your shooting development needs. At the Max Michel Training Academy, students receive personal, one-on-one training in a group setting with 10-15 students. Michel also offers private courses to individuals and small groups of four or less. The Max Michel Training Academy offers an amazing array of advanced curriculum with courses like the ever popular Speed on Steel, Competition Pistol, and Practical to Tactical . All courses are taught by Michel himself and can be hosted at Michel’s range or yours. The Max Michel Training Academy is owned and operated by Max Michel.


COST: Prices vary depending upon the course and location.

STUDENTS: 10-16. Max will bring an additional instructor if needed.

LOCATION: Anywhere worldwide. Max has traveled to many locations to teach courses, including Canada, Europe and South America.

CLASS LEADER: The class leader is the local representative responsible for putting the course together and coordinating with the local shooting club. They will need to secure dates with a shooting club, collect payment, answer questions of the students, and be the student’s primary point of contact before Max arrives to teach the course. The selected shooting club must be appropriate for competitive pistol shooting.

The class leader will be in constant communication with Max directly and will handle the students and their concerns. Once Max arrives, payment for the course will be due in cash or the deposits can be paid through PayPal. The class leader receives a free slot for filling the course.


We appreciate your interest in our courses and look forward to shooting with you in the future. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at max@maxmichel.com .

I’ve taken several firearms courses in both the United States and Canada and have yet to meet an instructor that is detailed as Max. There are phenomenal shooters and amazing teachers out there, but there are very few that can do both. Max and his instructors are off the charts in both fields. I’ve taken three of Max’s courses so far and I expect to continue taking them for many years to come because I always learn something new and vastly improve my shooting skills each time I come out for a course. Thank you for providing such an amazing service that you can’t find anywhere else.
– Travis
“DO” & “TEACH”
There is an old saying that goes, those who can “do” and those who can’t “teach”. Max is one of those rare individuals who can “do” and also “teach”. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone, regardless of their ability.
– Intermediate Competitive Pistol student, 2013
When enrolling in a class at Max Michel’s academy you not only get super qualified instructors that teach you the details that separate them from the other pros you also get a relaxed and down to earth atmosphere that is perfect for letting go of any tensions you might have. They just create the perfect prerequisites for learning and getting the most out of the course. If I lived in the neighbourhood I would take every class they offered. They’re that good!
– Niklas
Max and Blake are not only World Champion shooters but also World Class instructors. We often find athletes that can perform but can not teach. Max and Blake can do both, truly World Class.
– Don
If you want to improve your skills and you are looking for an instructor that is knowledgeable, articulate and accomplished, then Max is your choice.
– Bobby

Interested in Private or Small Group Training with Max?